Marge Bitetti

Testimonials and Writing Samples

Rhonda Getchell

Administrative Assistant, PlantCML (colleague)

“Marge is a genius when it comes to research, writing, and grant funding. She is always personable and professional. You couldn't ask for a better colleague.” September 2, 2009

Paul Fahey

Director of External Affairs, PlantCML an EADS North America Company (colleague)

“Marge has been invaluable to our efforts in seeking and pursuing funding for emergency communications systems for our current and potential customers. She is thorough and professional and persistent in seeking out opportunities.” May 26, 2009

Guy Ball

Author, Arcadia Publishing

“Marge and I co-authored the book "Early Santa Ana" for Arcadia Publishing. We utilized her tremendous skills in research during the book development stage and could not have finished the book without her hard work. I appreciated her ability to create interesting and informative captions for the book and her ability to keep the material sounding fresh. And I especially appreciated her efforts to keep us on our very aggressive publishing schedule. I would jump at the chance to work with her again should the opportunity arise.” May 19, 2009

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